Edmond Fallot Honey & Gingerbread Dijon Mustard


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In 1840, Leon Bouley started his own mustard mill in France. In 1903, he received an award from the City of Paris for his delicious mustard, making his product prestigious. Today, the inheritors of his company maintain the same standards for Edmond Fallot mustard that Bouley started in the 19th century. Since 1840, the distinctive high quality and flavors of Edmond Fallot’s specialty Dijon mustards have earned the company high regards. In the town of Beaune in Dijon, France, Fallot still grinds its mustard seeds the traditional way. So flavorful and potent, this is a mustard for true mustard lovers.

Pain d’Epices (spice bread) from Burgundy was the inspiration for this incredible mustard. The slight sweetness of honey, warm spices and the heat of dijon pairs perfectly with sliced meats like ham, pork and turkey.

INGREDIENTS: Water, MUSTARD Seeds, Vinegar, Honey (8.3%), Salt, Sugar, Gingerbread from Dijon (1.6%) (with WHEAT Meal and EGG), Spices, Natural Extracts of Plant and Fruit. Contains WHEAT, MUSTARD and EGG.

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