Maple EVOO


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Our rich maple EVOO tastes like maple syrup. The obvious uses are to make pancakes and waffles… but this would also be great to use in baking. You could substitute the butter or vegetable oil in your favorite cookie recipes, cakes or breads (keep in mind that you’ll likely only need 3/4 of the amount compared to butter). Try sauteéing sweet potatoes in this maple EVOO, or use for roasting carrots. Try roasting pecans or walnuts in the maple EVOO too. You could also use this for pork (try blending with one of our spicy oils such as the Roasted Chile or Chipotle) as a marinade or while searing before slow cooking. So many ways to use it.

Try pairing with our Maple Balsamic for a maple explosion or, for a lighter touch of maple, try pairing with our White Raspberry or White Blueberry Balsamic (think blueberry pancakes… yum!).

Olive Oil Blends that would be delicious: Blend with Vanilla EVOO, Bacon EVOO, Butter EVOO…

Imported from: Tunisia

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