Truly Italian 100% Natural Sauces

Our family’s original recipe dates back many years to the city of Salerno, Italy. During the Second World War, my father, Sergeant James Kenneth Atkinson, along with many other soldiers enjoyed their weekends preparing and eating homemade meals. There was one meal in particular that had the most delicious Marinara sauce that my father couldn’t resist. He dearly loved the sauce created by his fellow soldier and attempted many times to acquire the recipe. But the soldier held on tight to his recipe. Until one night, during a $200 dice game, the soldier lost his recipe to my father. The Truly Italian mouth watering Marinara sauce has been enjoyed and shared for several generations in our family. Now we take great pride in sharing our tantalizing sauces with all of you.

Our gourmet sauces are ALL-NATURAL and GLUTEN FREE with NO Trans Fat, water or sugar added.

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